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Fashionista NOW: Why The Top Knot Half Bun Hair Trend Is STILL Happening?

Credit | Gela Munoz

From man buns to dog buns, the hair scene is saturated with buns. Find out why the top knot is still on top and decide if it’s for you.

Dog buns are plain wrong when you’re actually tying up your poor doggie’s ears to form a top knot. Have you tried those magnetic earrings that sandwich your earlobes and feel the dull pain associated with constricted blood supply after a while? No? Then you should give them a go as an experiment. Leave them dogs alone, you’ve got your own hair to tie up in a half bun which is also called the hun; so do that instead!

An Anti-Aging Hair Trend, So They Say.

The Daily Mail calls the hun an anti-aging hair trend and I about cringe. How can a half bun get you closer to that fountain of youth? Does it really give the face a natural lift? The only example to show of the hun’s youthful power is of J. Lo in her top knot and that doesn’t count because she doesn’t age and is most likely a vampire.

At the time I’m typing this, my own shoulder-length hair is in a messy half loose bun and just what do I feel about having the top of hair up and the bottom, left as it is? Meh. I still have oily patches of skin on my face and although I do feel that it frees my face from having those wisps of hair tickling my forehead and the sides of my cheek, it is okay, I guess. I don’t like tying the knot to tight so a loose hun is my go-to when hair’s looking nasty.

Messy Half Buns Aren’t Going Anywhere And You Know It

I’ve yet to style the hun for an outing and so will need to report back if I decide to and if it makes me feel chic. Anyhow, if you think that the half bun hair trend is so over or would like it to be over, a similar wish you might have for its man bun counterpart, I will say that sadly for you, it’s just starting to pick up speed based on the growing number of ladies and lads on LB who seem to have found comfort and style in such a low-key hippie hair-do.

As to the question why it is a hot hair trend now, it’s silly actually because the samurai warriors and your grandmother have both been sporting the hun for ages. Because of its sudden popularity amongst the celebrity breed, it’s hot because the media can’t stop their incessant reportage. We’re lucky Japan is so cool there is no call for banning the hun on the basis of Samurai cultural appropriation.

Did you know that in old Feudal Japan, people of a non-warrior class were once banned from having their hair oiled up Samurai-style as it was a symbol of status? Interesting, isn’t it?

Anyway, check out how the half-bun-wearing fashionistas are wearing their knot styles. Loose or tight, curly or straight, long or short haired; as long as you have hair on the top part of your head, you can wear the hun too!

What do you think of the half bun hairstyle, man buns, dog buns and other related buns having to do with hair/fur? Share your thoughts below – I love reading them!

“If you look over the years, the styles have changed – the clothes, the hair, the production, the approach to the songs. The icing to the cake has changed flavors. But if you really look at the cake itself, it’s really the same.”John Oates

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