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Fashionista NOW: Why The Hate On The Wonderful Jogger Pants?

Jogger pants get the bad rap they don’t deserve. Find out why should we all retire the thought that something cozy is automatically lazy.

Back in late April, Google announced that jogger pants were in for spring and that emoji trackies were apparently the rage. Complex interpreted Google Trends differently and declared the athleisure pant trend is dead (or about to be).

Opposing views aside, personally, I find the pants stay in the fashion scene continues to be relevant not because some celebrities are wearing it but thanks to their silhouette. Relaxed about the hip and crotch, cinched at the cuff (or not), let’s not chuck all the joggers, trackies or sweatpants into the limiting lounge-worthy box just because someone awfully unproductive used to wear one ugly pair and left an indelible mark in our life.

The spirit of relaxed, loose and also stylish design in clothing is coursing through the fashion world. The false dichotomy that exists between the relaxed fit being lazy, and the tailored to the body like a second skin, as what a proper responsible member of society wears, needs to drop away.

SLOUCHY isn’t LAZY, it’s just another silhouette

Slouchy shapes are extending into the innerwear department as well with grannie style undies selling more than thongs. Slouch is the new cool silhouette with more and more people embracing their bodies as they are without needing to force them to fit into body-enhancing garments just to look like you’re capable of something. Sometimes a pair of relaxed pants is just that, something to wear for comfort and they can be worn without actually sacrificing style.

There is this weird mindset that we seem to hold that if the young continues to embrace slouchy clothing that they will then succumb to the uninspired and unstructured living that will have them failing in every other important areas in life. Perhaps, we should do away with the connection between what one chooses to wear and how it influences their productivity.

A future experiment should be performed to assess if jogger-pant-wearers are unfit for responsible living just for having an affinity for slouchy bottoms. The thing about joggers is that they are not as loose or relaxed as the wide-legged palazzo that the ladies get to wear and for some reason, the former is the subject of condemnation for being a lazy choice. This could be due to the fact it is also a part of menswear which is pretty rigid and that society isn’t ready to see a doctor or a lawyer (both male and female) clad in joggers while performing official duties. The cognitive dissonance is pretty real, I suppose.

The fashion circle, however, continues to experiment and show that it’s all in the cut of your jogger pants of choice, how you style them and how you carry yourself as a human being while wearing them all converge to the conclusion that joggers pants are just that: another option for pants. Wear them if you like but don’t discriminate on the basis of their comfortable construction.

So, why do you think cozy joggers get a bad rap? Share your thoughts – I’d love to know what you think!

“Elegance isn’t solely defined by what you wear. It’s how you carry yourself, how you speak, what you read.”Carolina Herrera

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