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Fashionista NOW: Why Flowy Jumpsuits Are Everything In This Unpredictable Weather

Flowy jumpsuits, I believe, are the best kind of one-pieces. With the monsoon, El Nino and overall nasty hazy weather that is affecting the nation, I have resorted to wearing flowy silhouettes as they are just perfect for riding the heatwave and the random pour.

The flowy jumpsuit style I am currently eyeing at the moment are of the maxi or midi length, with a bit of a built-in waist cinch(nothing over the top) and a top that is fairly flowy, with or without sleeves.

The coverage offered by this type of jumpsuit is great for the unpredictable weather; light and airy but at the some time can be topped up with a jacket or cardigan, or worn layered over a tee (in the case of a spaghetti strap jumpsuit variety) for when the rain splutters out of the fatty clouds and your body longs for some warmth.

Before we continue with the subject of flowy one-pieces, have you lot heard about the plastic bag leotard “trend” that is taking over Taiwan?

Basically, after shopping at Tesco for cans of tomatoes and whatnot, you can now wear the plastic bag after making strategic holes at the base so you can slip your legs through them. From trash to fash in a jiff.

Aside from similar recycled photos of ladies (and some dudes, cats and even babies) wearing their DIY plastic bag onesies, I’m sure nobody’s ever seen a plastic-bag-wearing sensible human being walking down the street to go run errands like in real life, maybe?. And if you do ever spot one, please take a picture because this social-media-backed movement pretty bizarre for words.

Plastic-bag one-pieces aside, let us return to the topic of flowy jumpsuits that people actually want to wear while out and about.

While I am new to embracing the jumpsuit trend in general, I will say that they’d never truly appeal to me until I saw the culotte jumpsuit variety worn by several fashion bloggers and it makes me look at jumpsuits a little differently.

These relaxed breed of jumpsuits can totally be that transitional piece you wear as you ease into Autumn if that is the season you’re local region is easing into. And if you’re also a fan of the comfy yet stylish look that isn’t big on accentuating every aspect of your anatomy, then I’d say flowy jumpsuits are so completely right up your (and my) alley.

Look at how the following style queen bees work their flowy jumpsuits and tell me you’re not tempted to jump into this comfy jumpsuit bandwagon already.

| Esther L.

| Lily S.

| Dasha Gold

| Muse

| Joan Marie

| Diana Kozachek

| Melanie P.

| Olga Dupakova

| Pannajoannak Pl

Fact about me: I love Greek yogurt will happily devour it over regular yogurt. When I first tasted and found how delicious a Greek yogurt was (which was a year back, I think), I literally thought: Why didn’t I know about the existence of this yogurt any sooner? All those years spent eating regular yogurt when I could have been devouring yummy Greek yogurt, man, what a waste!

Do you like flowy jumpsuits for the reasons that I do? Or do you avoid them still due to the signature loo struggle they’re associated with? Would you try sporting a plastic bag onesie for the fun of it? Can it ever be a proper trend in your part of the world? Share below – I’d love to know!

“Laugh my friend, for laughter ignites a fire within the pit of your belly and awakens your being.”Stella McCartney

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