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Fashionista NOW: Why Bomber Jackets Remain A Loved Outerwear Trend?

Credit | Simone S.

Express your explosive style persuasion with bomber jacket and find out why they are so bomb!

Bomber jackets have a distinct look that sets them apart from other outerwear styles. And while the name may imply that you wear the jacket while out running errands and bombing something – which was true for the pilots they were originally created for; the ones we see nowadays are worn for the look (obviously) and the added layer of warmth offered (this should be first!).

Early 2000s saw the bombardier jacket rising in popularity within the hip-hop fashion scene. Back in the 70s ironically, these flight jackets got under the spotlight as they were worn by skinheads and scooterboys alike – the latter being much more machine-obsessed than anything remotely repellent.

The outerwear trend ultimately remains relevant year after year and it has been elevated into a staple of sorts. From plain colored and sporty to florally printed and feminine, the bomber jacket appeals to both the male and female spheres thanks to its flatteringly universal cut. After all, what kept men warm surely could keep the ladies warm too, right?

The collarless high round-neck look of the bomber jacket makes it unique and especially practical on days when you want to ooze a particular smart look that isn’t reliant on the presence of any type of folded collar. With functional side pockets, it’s even better as you get to slip both of your hands for comfort when you feel nippy or creeped out by some weirdo staring at you as you cross the road.

Alternatively, your could leave one hand hanging out and give your best I-woke-up-like-this #ootd pose for your photographer mate to snap. Of course, you can opt to be sane and stuff essential things like cash, keys and deodorant in there too.

As always, scroll below to see why bomber jackets are so BOMB and how they come in various delightful prints and fabric that will fit into almost everyone’s taste for layering and you’re mad if you don’t have one!

Fun fact about me: A cuppa caffeine-enriched drink is a must for me to function optimally. What about you?

Do you wear bomber jackets? If so, what print styles do you normally go for? Shoot your delightful lines down below!

“Coffee is a beverage that puts one to sleep when not drank.”Alphonse Allais

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