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Fashionista NOW: 5 Wearable Student Fashion Trends To Try In College Or University

FIVE most wearable student’s fashion trends.

Fashion can be an important part for a student’s life. It influences the way they behave and express themselves. Their surroundings and social life can shape the way they choose to dress.

As students, they may want to show their fashion sense that can translate into various experimentation. This is one of the reasons why the fashion trends in universities can change very fast. Exploring other cultures and sub-cultures are two additional causes of the quick changes in college fashion.

However, nothing is so easy in the lives of students — Restrained financial freedom cuts out the unnecessary spending on clothes, and therefore a lot of students buy vintage clothes (but they are not always cheap) and make handmade accessories. The differences in the budget of the students, their styles and characters influence the landscape of the university fashion trends. These days, students need not only an essay help during their busy study years but also a guide in choosing the style of clothes to wear.


5 most wearable student’s fashion trends:


1. Comfort is everything

A lot of students like wearing comfortable clothes. For example, jogger pants, training shoes and a loose T-shirt is a typical set of everyday clothes. To make this style more attractive, you can play with different textures (buy clothes made of natural fabric), prints and colors. In addition, you can buy some accessories such as rings of different shapes and metal colors or a big statement necklace that will make your outfit brighter.


2. Make a mix

Another fashion trend involves the mixing different styles. Do not limit yourself with one style, be different and make a personalized statement with your outfit. For example, you may wear the the ripped knee jeans along with a classic stripe blouse and sneakers. Meshing some styles together can help you to find a style that you will like best. Enjoy sampling a little of everything while you are a student!


3. Businessman style

Some students think that business casual clothes can make them more self-assured and thus will better express their self-image. Wearing official-styled outfit cannot be a bad idea because you will look well almost everywhere (of course not on the beach). Well-tailored garments that are striking and smart are the examples of the Businessman/Businesswoman style. Men can wear suits, while the women too can opt for chic pantsuits. A motto for those who enjoy this elegant fashion trend is “If you look great, then you play great, and therefore feel great as well”.


4. Back to 90s

‘90s fashion’ influences the fashion trends in universities even now. Many students wear the clothes that are similar to the clothes they parents were wearing many years ago; Denim jackets, leggings, button down plaid blouses. Old fashion can be repurposed anew with the passage of time. Therefore, do not throw away your new clothes because one day your child (if you decide to have one) may want to wear them when they come back on trend.


5. Punk’s not dead

After World War II, the punk style was created. However, the trend became sensational only in 1970s. A trend of wearing the punk-styled clothes went through a lot of modifications and twists, however, the main goal essentially is to be edgy, blunt and anti-materialistic. Skinny jeans, bracelets and necklaces with spikes, leather jackets and other items of clothes with leopard prints are one of the ways to ooze a punk style statement.

All in all, there are many fashion trends that students try out. Although fashion may seem to be over-complicated, however, in reality it is very simple to be fashionable and feel comfortable. Choose one of the 5 wearable university styles above and stay on trend. Lastly, we have one tip for you: “Having 100 different articles of clothing in your wardrobe does not mean you are fashionable — knowing how to wear one article 100 different ways makes you trendy”. Good luck!



This article is created by Robert Everett and edited by me.

Robert Everett is a freelance writer currently based in Chicago. He likes solving issues relating to students’ career and university challenges, with main interests focused in marketing and business. Follow him on his social media: Facebook | Google+

“Gratitude is something of which none of us can give too much. For on the smiles, the thanks we give, our little gestures of appreciation, our neighbors build their philosophy of life.”A.J. Cronin

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