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Fashionista NOW: Wear Tropical Palm Tree Earrings And Ooze Summer Vibes

Coconut tree lovers alert: Wear the tropics on your ear lobes ASAP!

It’s summer all year long here in Malaysia. This is just my excuse to feature my beloved coconut trees in a bling post.

Let me tell you that I love everything about coconuts. I’m nuts about coconuts. I eat the fruit, drink the juice, mix the oil in my coffee, feed my fluffy cats coconut oil which they love, and when I was a wee kid, my late grandma would let me sit on a huge palm leaf on the ground that she then pulled so I felt like I was on a boat only that it was on the land and my bottom was protected by the palm leaves!

Nostalgia aside, I must recommend fresh coconut juice from the fruit itself on a hot day. It is the best thing ever! It quenches your thirst like no other. Did I tell you that the only bangles I wear are made of coconut shells? Yes, perhaps I did, about a million times on my blog. The other blog.

Since I’ve never ever worn palm tree earrings, I wonder why not locate some cool ones and put them all on display in a post? If you’re all about wearing the tropical summer vibes in your OOTD and wonder how you could intensify it further via your accessories, I believe these earrings will help you!



Little Palm Tree Stud Earrings


| oldfarmhousejewelry


Minimalist Palm Tree Earrings


| miaandmac


Shiny Sterling Silver Palm Tree Earrings


| BySendiJewelry


Dainty Summer Palm Tree Stud Earrings


| BohemianSands


Silver Coconut Tree Stud Earrings


| shareliving


Tropical Palm Tree Stud Earrings


| heyjuneshop


Which palm tree earrings would you love to wear? Share below – I’d love to know!

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