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Fashionista NOW: All The Camo + Army Inspired Green Things To Wear This Monsoon Season

All The Camo + Army Inspired Green Things To Wear This Monsoon Season

Welcome camo prints and army green into your wardrobe this monsoon season.

I don’t know why the appeal of this military fashion trend is strong at this point of time but I’m quite into it. Though I might have an old teal green cardigan tucked somewhere in the closet, I realized I’ve gone through the year without a single piece of camo printed piece and finding inspo for one via Zalora Malaysia has turned into a whole let’s-check-everything-in-camo-and-army-green-and-select-the-hottest-ones-available session.

Since I happen to write here in this space where we all gawk at fashiony things and fashiony types of people, then, it’s fair that I show the list of most coveted army-inspired pieces below so you ladies can see what’s out in the market right now.

My love for camo prints is new and it came in the form of a bomber jacket but I’m not aiming to get one at the moment as the weather here is totally unfit for that kind of insulating outerwear unless I move somewhere mountainous, at least. For now, it’s the tees that I’m excited about and especially those that are made in breathable cotton because I want to wear the camo print often and that entails taking the lethal tropical humidity into serious consideration.

Anyway, folks: Kindly do scroll on and eyeball the army-inspired clothing list I’ve curated below and enjoy!


Army Green Asymmetric Top


| shop here


Army Green Flowy Trousers


| shop here


Army Green Jogger Pants


| shop here


Army Green Studded Crop Top


| shop here


Camo Print Bomber Jacket


| shop here


Military Camo Shorts


| shop here


Khaki Camo Collared Shirt


| shop here


Which camo or army green item is your favorite? Share below – I’d love to know!

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