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Fashionista NOW: 7 COOL Ways To Wear Midi Bodycon Dresses

The season’s bodycon midi dresses are so wearable it’s a crime not to at least give the classic dress trend a try. Find how you can sport this dress with style.

Midi dresses are a favorite of mine of late and the silhouette I’m into at the moment, besides the fit-and-flare type, is the bodycon one, though no exactly tight-fitting but comfortably hugging the body just so as no one likes to feel like they’ve been bandaged though that is another look altogether.

Midi bodycon dresses have been in the fashion pocket for all this while but it looks like the below-the-knee dress trend is about to make its presence beyond palpable this season.

For those who are kind of like me with knees I don’t feel like flaunting on certain days, the midi dress of this variety is a great alternative to the mini length dresses. The curve-accentuating fit of the bodycon dress ensures that you still get to flaunt your femininity whilst keeping it prim and classy.

Whether you opt for a ribbed midi, a cami-style or a long-sleeved one that are all rather on trend this fashion moment, you can be sure to look your absolute elegant best in this kind of frock, no sweat involved. Just pick a shoe to go, layer up if you need to, accessorize according to your own need and voilà, you’re set!

To see how lookbookers are currently wearing their various bodycon midi dress styles, scroll away below and enjoy!

Which of these looks make you feel like slipping into a midi dress yourself? Share below – I’d love to know!

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