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Fashionista NOW: 10 Ways To Street Style A Blazer And Look FAB

If styling a blazer poses a challenge like no other as you aim to balance being stylish and maintaining the veneer of a sensible adult, here’s a guide to get you to approach the structured outerwear with a bit of room for fun.

Honestly, blazers can be tough to style. Perhaps, it is just me but anytime I had to whip one to appear like a competent adult, I just didn’t know how to style my blazer in a way that’s fun or even remotely interesting, style-wise. I usually end up looking utterly boring, repetitive and just all-round dull.

With the street style fashion vibe going on pretty strong this year, there’s absolutely no reason for you not to urbanize your structured outerwear by incorporating it into all kinds of outfits.

Blazers can go over anything and everything ever since folks start wearing them over casual ensembles. So, if you’re limited in the way of seeing them as part of an exclusively ‘formal’ or business-y kind of attire, now, is the time to break down the wall of that ancient style perception and start injecting a little dose of unexpected fun.

For ways that you can work blazers into street-style approved outfits, you know the drill, dive in the looks below and enjoy!

With An Almost All Black Outfit + White Sneakers

| Kate I.

With Double Denim + Statement Red Booties

| Melody Jacob

With Baby Blue Shades + Silver Oxfords

| Patricia Jiménez

With Dressy Shorts, Clutch + Blue Heels

| Shelly LIU

With A Green Shirtdress + Strappy Mule Sandals

| Marquise C. Brown

With A Turtleneck, Ripped Jeans + Heels

| Aurela Lacaj

With High Neck Shirt, Cropped Denim + Business Shoes

| Schwarzer Samt

With A Shirt, Trousers + Sneakers

| Lian G.

With Tapered Jogger Pants + Open Back/Toe Boots

| Shay

Which blazer looks have inspired you to want to inject a street style element into how you style your own outfit? Share below – I’d love to know!

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