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Fashionista NOW: Visual Insta-Mood Booster In Mustard Yellow

Need a little dose of sunshine by way of a mustard yellow pops of color? Here are 10 shots plucked from Instagram that will have your eyeballs swimming in delight and your mood (hopefully) boosted.

Mustard Yellow Inspiration From Instagram Pictures

Mustard Hen

A photo posted by @avocraftdesign on

A minimalist work of art showcasing a hen in mustard made by a Dublin artist and crafter who has mad love for geometric and paper.

Milan Street Snap

A pair of flared pants in floral motif spread across a mustard backdrop snapped in the streets of Milan.

Mustard Yellow Napkin

The view from above capturing mustard-themed table setting.

Mustard Yellow Flowers

Winter’s morning snap of mustard-colored petals hugged by droplets of water.

Mustard Yellow Sneakers

Not one, but two pair of Converse sneakers to celebrate the love for mustard yellow.

Mustard Yellow Knit

Knitted textures in earthy mustard.

Mustard Yellow Jeans

A photo posted by Sally Hsieh (@sallyhsieh) on

The outfit diary of someone who loves peplum, mustard, flats and mirrored sunnies.

Mustard Yellow Sweater

A mustard-sweater-loving lass who loves matte lips, Instagram brows and long faux lashes.

Mustard Yellow Baby Gift Set

A gift set for your tiny fashionista that can be customized with your baby’s name.

Mustard Yellow Cardigan

A photo posted by Joanie Laforest (@jolafo) on

A combo surely made in fashion heaven: stripes and mustard!

“Your attitude is like the minds paintbrush. It can paint everything in bright, vibrant colors-creating a masterspiece.”John C. Maxwell

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