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Fashionista NOW: The Versatile Round Leather Bag To Go With Everyday OOTD

The Versatile Round Leather Bag To Go With Everyday OOTD

Credit | LadyBirdesign

A round bag that can be your go-to chic shoulder crossbody bag, clutch and as a waist purse.

When you think of the belt or hip bag these days, you can say that times have changed and they do make them delightfully dainty and delicate for the woman kind so the imagery of the huge funny fanny packs of the past need not disturb you as much. Well, unless you are aiming for the look. With this circle style bag that is so modern in its minimalist design, you can’t help but to be drawn by the aesthetic at first but upon closer inspection, the details are indeed spell-binding and they can be worn as a waist bag among others. I love a good old versatile medium-sized bag with a magnetic flap for ease of use and this one is of the type.

Made from scratch to finish from the LadyBirdesign studio, the high quality leather bag has two round compartments attached by a hidden magnet. Each compartment carries a magnet closure and the compartments can be connected either inward or outward. The shoulder strap is adjustable and also removable. The bags are made of Nappa leather giving them a very extra soft look that is silky to the touch.

For those with a high affinity for the minimalistic bag style, you will definitely find these bags appealing and they are available in a few more color options that are all so covet-worthy.

I hope you’ll enjoy looking through the beauty of the round bags!


Circle Brown Leather Bag


| shop here


Round Black Leather Bag


| shop here


Round Brown Leather Bag


| shop here


Round Nude Leather Bag


| shop here


Which round bag would you love to carry around? Share below – I’d love to know.

Love the bags so much? Don’t forget to show LadyBirdesign some real love! Abigail shares a special code for you lucky readers who are interested in purchasing the bags – For 25% OFF, use code – FAMECHERRY25 (valid through end of March,2018).

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