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Fashionista NOW: Umbrella Style Inspo For Your Rainy Day Look

Being practical can mean grabbing whatever umbrella that’s around and that’s alright OR, you can be both practical and style conscious by carrying a specific umbrella to go with you rainy day OOTD.

The few days of scorching hot weather here predicts an upcoming pour. Even though, an umbrella is far from necessary at the moment as I type this sweating ever so lightly from the tropical humidity, it’s always good to be prepared for rainy weather and that means, making sure sturdy and pretty umbrellas are in existence. I shall take that advice as currently, I’m lacking one, that could preferably go with any OOTD I happen to wear.

A black umbrella is the top choice for many as it just goes with everything including the witch outfit you have planned out for Halloween and your black cat. A white umbrella would be a nice pop of brightness when the day is dark and gloomy plus you’d still nail the monochrome look.

When it comes to the shape of the umbrella, we’re all used to the rounded ones. But know that you can be creative and hunt down for an unconventionally-shaped one like the one being carried by Preppy Fashionist blogger, Virgit Canaz.

I figure that particular umbrella shape would be fitting for a light pour minus the wind but any umbrella is better than no umbrella unless you prefer getting drenched in the monsoon pour and ruining your makeup or worse, making your drawn brows disappear. #firstworldproblems I know.

With a variety of umbrella shapes to choose from and the patience and attention to detail you might be blessed with, and the power of the Internet, you can locate umbrellas of every color, shape and design that will complement every weather temperament and occasion.

To get you excited about umbrellas this rainy season, please eyeball the looks down below and enjoy!

Which rainy look of the day is your favorite? And what is your favorite umbrella style? Share below – I’d love to know!

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