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Fashionista NOW: Tropical Summer-Friendly Breezy Outerwear Styles To Wear

Tropical Summer-Friendly Breezy Outerwear Styles To Wear

Indulge in a light tropical summer layering in these breezy outerwear styles and effortlessly introduce a bit of movement in your outfit this season.

Ladies, it’s been ages since a rigorous monsoon pour ever touched our Malaysian soil where I’m at, which is at the west coast and even though we’re said to be expecting serious rain, the weather’s pretty tame that we can all indulge in a bit of light tropical summer layering.

A few elements to consider in a flowy, airy and breezy outerwear style suited to go over a tee and short or a dress combo include, a relaxed kimono silhouette, lovely lace accents on a sheer see-through fabric, a print or motif of your desire in colors or monochromatic black and white and the obligatory flowy vibes.

For those on a hunt for a pretty outerwear that carries the style elements mentioned previously, then you’re in luck! I’ve just gathered a list of highly-wearable cardigan and kimono-inspired outerwear iterations that will go on all kinds of outfits, day or night. Sometimes,  a play of print through a cleverly picked kimono piece can elevate your most basic of outfits. A black or white lace cardigan, on the other hand, can anchor down a patterned getup or worn minimalistically with a subdued garb. Either way, you’ll be having fun because let’s be honest, who doesn’t like having a certain flowy flair in their outfit, right?


5 Outerwear Styles That Will Create Gorgeous Movement In Your Tropical Summer Outfit

Apricot Chiffon Lace Cardigan


| shop here


Black Lace Sheer Cardigan


| shop here


Sequined Printed Chiffon Kimono


| shop here


Monochrome Tribal Print Kimono


| shop here


Black Chiffon Lace Cardigan


| shop here


How To Shop?

Simply click on the link under the image and it will take you to the product page on ZALORA Malaysia. Don’t forget to use our 15% OFF code if it’s your first time shopping there: ZBAPEDJ

Which outerwear style has got you excited to try? Share below – I’d love to know!

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