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Fashionista NOW: Tropical Botanical Earrings To Give Your Ears Instant Summer Vibes

Join in Mother Nature and have some greenery sprouting on your earlobes to get into the mood for sunshine via strategic accessories.

Get something leafy with a strong tropical touch for your earlobes this season! Knowing that you’re all excited for the sunnier months to come, I’ve decided to help you equip your ears with earrings that take the form of leaves from tropical trees. Even it if it’s still not officially summer in some parts of the world, it’s okay. You can definitely wear them botanical earrings to give yourself an early start with accessories that help you dream about a tropical holiday vacation.

Since I’m in Malaysia, the season is all-year long and being a fan of greenery in general got me excited to compile a list of statement tropical earrings that get my heart racing a little bit faster than usual. I hope you’ll enjoy scrolling down the leafy earring list.


Botanical Leaf Earrings


| lucie0ellen


Ear Jacket Leaf Earrings


| LolaAndCash


Gold Palm Tree Leaf Earrings


| amandadeer


Minimal Palm Tree Stud Earrings


| TheBohoMinimalist


Monstera Plant Tropical Earrings


| MicaPeet


Statement Tropical Earrings


| CamillaPietropaoli


Sterling Silver Carved Monstera Leaf Earrings


| HamakuaBreeze


Tropical Greenery Earrings


| TaylorsEclectic


Tropical Green Monstera Earrings


| VinuesaMade


Extra Large Monstera Leaf Earrings


| crystalsandsucculents


Which tropical leaf earrings would you love to wear? Share below – I’d love to know!

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2 comments to Fashionista NOW: Tropical Botanical Earrings To Give Your Ears Instant Summer Vibes

  • OMG! How have I not seen botanical inspired earrings before??!!!?? I LOVE the monstera deliciosa earrings so much. I actually need a pair now. Need. Please feature more botanical related things! x


    • Hahah, I’m surprised you liked this and quite delighted by it too. Please wear some giant leafy earrings soon, I can already picture them framing your beautiful face as you wipe down table tops with those organic cleaning liquid. For you, I’ll make it a mission to find more botanical things, thanks for popping by Shannon! :D x

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