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Fashionista NOW: Tops With Undone Hem To Give Your OOTD A Strong Style Character

Tops With Undone Hem To Give Your OOTD A Strong Style Character

Edges on your blouses are usually tailored to perfection. Let’s move past that and show your love for the undone hem through tops with RUINED edges to rock the fashion boat.

Ever slashed the hem of your top by accident and shrieked because it’s your favorite one and it’s forever ruined? You are not alone. And you can salvage that top because it just got naturally elevated in the name of fashion.

Even though you can perhaps stitch it back somehow but there are extreme cases of torn and ripped edges or a little hole that gradually extends itself into a massive one near the hem part of your tee or blouse that cannot be fixed no matter what you do or who you call. Instead, I call you to calm down because it appears that designers are having a ball with shirts, tops and blouses with purposefully wonky hems that they call them in a variety of adorable nonchalant labels such as front bow tees, side knot top, side split hem tees and cute bow hem sweater!

To have that knot and bow happening at the hem of a top, you can already imagine that the top must start off with a ruined hem.

So, take a scissors and some needle and thread because you can do something about your existing collection of tops with tragic edges – Transform them into these charming tops that can carry a statement bow or knot anywhere around the hem.

But if that’s too much of a task and you prefer purchasing tops with ready-made undone hems ( that may or may not blow a hole in your pocket ), well, I got you girl! Just scroll away and enjoy!


Sleeveless Top With Detached Hem


| shop here


Grey Top With Front And Back Splits


| shop here


Oversized Tee With Slashed Hem ( That You Can Tie Into A Bow )


| shop here


Funnel Top With Asymmetric Split Hem


| shop here


Sweatshirt With Unfinished Hem


| shop here


Which top with undone hem is your favorite? Share below – I’d love to know!

“Whoever is happy will make others happy.”Anne Frank

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