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Fashionista NOW: Tikka Headpiece And Earring Set Ideas For Strong Bollywood Vibes

The women in Bollywood slay like nobody else when it comes to glorious, glamorous accessorizing and you know it’s true!

And the ladies, WOW, is all I can say. Think about the stunning and inspiring Deepika or Priyanka, and you know what I’m talking about. Powerhouse personalities with magnifying presence and charisma! Anyway, I just wanted to drop the two names because I adore them both as strong women. And of course, their fashion sense too. In this post, it’s all about the tikka and earring sets that you can wear to and Indian wedding, bridal pre-or-post party, or this upcoming Diwali for when you want to ooze strong Bollywood vibes in your party OOTD.

Nugget of truth: I’ve never worn a tikka headpiece before and I wonder how Indian girls and women have the piece of bling poised on their heads as they glide gracefully in their beautiful ethnic wear and even dance in them. Perhaps, one day, I will, being that I am half desi, so, I best put the tikka headpiece in my gotta-wear-bling-before-I-perish list. And then, there are these statement-making earrings that are often huge and dangly, often a prominent feature in a Bolly-chic OOTD. With Diwali on the horizon, perhaps, you may want to stock up on the tikka and earring sets and make them work in your wholly bolly looks or fusion type of outfit renditions.

IsabellaCharm’s collection of tikka headpieces and earrings are worth looking into for stunning yet affordable pieces. For personalized customizations, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the creator of the bespoke Indian Bollywood-inspired jewelry. Enjoy looking through her bespoke creations!


Bollywood Antique Teardrop Tikka Earring Set


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Bollywood Antique Tikka Headpiece Earring Set


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Bollywood Paisley Tikka Earring Set


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Bollywood Round Diamante Tikka Earring Set


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Kundan Stone Tikka Earring Set


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Already drooling over these Bolly bling bling? You’re not alone. Show IsabellaCharm some real love here!

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