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Fashionista NOW: Sunflower Earring Styles Jewelry Inspiration

Sunflower Earring Styles Jewelry Inspiration

Looking for gorgeous sunflower earrings? Here’s a list of earrings inspired by the flowers that always face the sun.

Sunflowers are my top favorite kind of flower, if you ask me personally.

I can’t explain why, but something about its firm-standing, tall and always-facing-for-the-sun pose appeals and also, the fact that they’re not just a pretty face as they are used to absorb nuclear radiation toxins make them even more awesome!

Other reasons why I love sunflowers?

Well, here you go:

The tallest sunflower was over 30 feet! How amazing is that?

In French, a sunflower’s called tournesol – meaning, turn with the sun as it will always turn to seek the sun in its bud phase.

There are 1000 – 2000 seeds per one sunflower  – A fantastic food source for birds and us, humans!

Each sunflower consists of thousands tiny flowers – wow! The signature yellow bloom with brown center has about 2000 individual flowers!

So, it’s only ever natural that I dedicate a post of earrings inspired by sunflowers! If your love for sunflowers is strong as mine or you know someone who would beam in delight at the sight of sunflowers of any form, then the earring collection down below would hopefully give you plenty of inspo! Enjoy!


80s Vintage Sunflower Earrings


| HiddenStairwayFinds


90s Inspired Sunflower Charm Earrings


| astronette


90s Vintage Antique Sunflower Earrings


| TheGypsyCaravans


Antique Gold Dangle Sunflower Earrings


| SulaCole


Boho Bronze Sunflower Earrings


| ItalianTreasure


Rustic Bronze Sunflower Earrings


| aisha123


Two-Tone Gold Dainty Sunflower Earrings


| DevaDwaroJewellery


Which sunflower earrings are your favorite? Share below – I’d love to know!

Reference: Sunflower Facts – Things You Didn’t Know About Sunflowers

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