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Fashionista NOW: Style Hack To Camouflage The Same Outfit You Keep Wearing

Credit | Samantha Mariko

Admit it: You’re wearing the same clothes over and over again and even your cat is unimpressed. Smile! Let us revive your reputation with a style hack that is fit for the laziest amongst us.

Do you wear the same thing over and over that your style is totally figured out, tired, uninspired and has now caused your friends, family and colleagues to wonder whether all is well in the mental department? Great, you’re not alone! A little trick will have them abort the upcoming intervention and will offer you the peace of mind to just simply be.

There are so many fashion trends to try as we’re continuously bombarded with ever shorter cycles of fashion that will leave the average mere mortal stupefied for choice. While some of us are pumped and manage to remain sharp on the style front daily, others are hopeless, can’t detect where they last place their dirty socks and have resumed cleaning their virtual aquarium buy rubbing the screen of their mobile with their index finger.

And this, happens to a lot of us. We can’t help but to wear the same thing again and again, no matter the fashion experts say. We glance through supremely-exciting glossy fashion magazines and their endless supply of toned celebs in a multitude of outfit styling but we’ll pull out the same pair of decaying trousers and top because we can.

No red carpet or glittery ramp reserved for us to shake our bottoms so why not, right?

Anyway, boring outfits aside, I’m here to report that due to cloud-seeding, the haze is finally receding where I am. I’m healthy and will continue delighting your days with a supply of content that will blow your mind and fashion imagery that may break a bit of that wobbly self-confidence especially at that time of the month.

Now, back to some serious fashion talk. Since you’re always clad in that predictable outfit of yours, what could you do in a jiff that can set a different tone to our dressing game?

Yes: Zone in on the outerwear.

As the name implies, it will be that outermost part of your getup people gauge first. So think of it as that eye-popping wrapping paper to a very unimaginative gift you’re about to surprise someone with at the very last minute.

Choose well and you will find that your jacket will be the most efficient mood-setter to your very predictable garb. I’ve so tried this myself and it works! Even in extreme cases when I’m wearing some seriously ugly made-for-hobos-only outfit.

Wear all black to blend in with the night, then throw on a slouchy long duster-style cardigan in bold purple. Wear a boring tee and harem pants everyone in your town has spotted you in for last 2 months, then pop on a faded blue denim jacket.

Now if you’re a fan of the official-but-casual type of outfit iteration, layer a blazer over and you’re transformed. No one will know you’re in yesterday’s clothes except your stalker. A leather jacket will totally up the edge of a pretty flirty lacy frock and this is if you’re feeling up for it.

Ladies, say it with me: it is all in the name of clever contrast! See how it’s done below with the help of these marvelous style bloggers:

Fun fact about me: I love and crave roasted chestnuts right now. Does this trigger fun feelings in you, dear reader? I think not, but there it is.

So peeps: What do you think of this style hack? Have you employed it before?

Disclaimer: This style trick is useless in the company of the highly-observant. If you fail to have a bath and expect this to work and then find out that everyone is either avoiding or conspiring against you, we stress that we are not in any way responsible for your loss of friends, family members, pets and the general suffering that follows.

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