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Home » FASHIONISTA NOW » Fashionista NOW: Statement Lace Gown + Floral Pastel Kurung Ideas For Raya 2016

Fashionista NOW: Statement Lace Gown + Floral Pastel Kurung Ideas For Raya 2016

Statement Lace Gown + Floral Pastel Kurung Ideas For Raya 2016

2 last-minute baju raya ideas for you ladies who thrive on last-minute shopping: Long lace dresses + pastel floral kurung sets.

If it’s a gown you’re aiming to wear as a one-piece will definitely be easier to slip into this Raya, then the ones by JLuxe are pretty exciting. With the bodice rendered in intricate lace, and a color-block scheme that is visually-subtle, centered on combinations of olive green and brown, purple and grey and red and brown, and the skirt cut in a much loved mermaid style shape, these long dresses can truly be the answer to your baju raya wardrobe situation this year.

Their elegance lies in a statement lace that is focused only on the top part of the gown with the skirt being left muted in an elongating solid neutral hue.

The other baju raya idea comes in the form of a baju kurung modern collection by Amanda Culture that has sweet dainty floral and subtle colorblocking panels decorating the kurung top while the long skirt is again left in a solid chunk of color so that the focus stays on top.

Find below 3 sleek gowns and 3 kurung modern sets that will hopefully lend you some ideas into what to wear for Raya 2016. Enjoy!


Long Lacy Gowns + Kurung Modern Sets In Sweet Floral And Pastel Colorblock


Olive Beige Ribbon Lace Kebaya Dress


| shop here


Purple Grey Ribbon Lace Dress


| shop here


Red Brown Ribbon Lace Dress


| shop here


Mint Floral Pastel Kurung


| shop here


Dusty Pink Floral Pastel Kurung


| shop here


Cream Floral Pastel Kurung


| shop here


How To Shop :

Simply click the link under the image and it will take you to the product page on ZALORA Malaysia. Remember to use our 15% OFF code if it is your FIRST time shopping there:


Which long gown or baju kurung is your favorite? Share below!

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