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Fashionista NOW: Statement Earrings ~ Hands On Your Ears

I can’t get enough of hand-shaped things. Feel the same way? Find some statement hand earrings that will frame your face this season.

As the season’s jewelry style gets a bolder makeover, where fashionistas gradually retire the minimalist variety, wearing them when the mood strikes, the easiest way to make a strong visual statement through jewelry is by wearing a pair of statement earrings. May I suggest earrings that come in the shape of human hands?

The hand earrings that almost instantly conjures Freida Kahlo’s have been reinterpreted and made anew by various jewelry makers from across the globe that I’m compelled to share a list of TEN such fantastic creations here so you may get to see what’s available out there that will speak to your style preference.

Hands are expressive on real life people, but what’s stopping you from wearing hand-shaped earrings that are expressive on your earlobes too? I suggest we get our hands on hand earrings right now… (Sorry, can’t help it!)

Are you up for some statement earrings that are hand-inspired? Awesome then, let’s just eyeball the selection down below and enjoy!


Bold Open Hand Earringsbold-open-hand-earrings

? | SpiceWildflowers


Copper Hand Stud Earrings


? | SweetNovemberJewelry


Eros Hand Earrings


? | JaneDopeJewellery


Eye See You Hand Stud Earrings


? | ElevendotdotEleven


Festive Hand Charm Earrings


? | redtruckdesigns


Gold Kahlo-Inspired Hand Earrings


? | LaCasaDeAzul


Hammered Hand Dangle Earrings


? | AdrianaSoto


Sterling Silver Tudor Hand Earrings


? | SarahBirtJewellery


Wooden Helping Hand Earrings


? | friendlygesture


Statement Brass Hand Earrings

Fashionista NOW: Statement Earrings ~ Hands On Your Ears



Which hand earrings would you love to wear? Share below – I’d love to know!

“Never lose hope, my heart, miracles dwell in the invisible. If the whole world turns against you keep your eyes on the Friend.”Jalaluddin Rumi

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1 comment to Fashionista NOW: Statement Earrings ~ Hands On Your Ears

  • Jennifer Nunyabizness Reynolds

    Wonderful feature! Frida Kahlo (and Picasso!) would be proud to wear any and all of these beauties. A perfect display of variety, as well, something for each person’s own style. Well done!

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