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Fashionista NOW: The State Of Jeans In 2017

Remember they said skinny jeans died. Jeans in general evolved marvelously in 2017.

Jeans have always been perceived as an article of clothing that democratizes fashion. It holds such a universal appeal that anyone from their great grandmas to the toddlers have been spotted in them. Jeans don’t discriminate. People do. As long as you have a love for denim, you wear it. No excuses needed. With a vast variety of sizes and shapes, jeans are made for everyone (who want to wear them, obviously).

Some people don’t wear jeans but even that is a right. Perhaps, you don’t care for the feel of the fabric on your skin. Perhaps, they conjure a certain terrifying memory your mind associates with jeans. I thought my days of wearing jeans were over after the skinny jeans era but that was actually caused by my mid-section growing food babies.

After finding out that high-waisted jeans comfortably hugged a rounder belly and made it look pretty alright, I gradually fell back into the world of jeans. I realized that some jeans are tough in texture and some are truly snuggly and envelops like a second-skin.

Now we’re in 2017 and the evolution in jeans is a sight to behold. Aside from size and design that center around the waistline and leg, jeans are at their creative rebellious stage. Tattered boyfriend jeans with strategically-placed embroidery or patches, cropped jeans with ruffle hem, mix-shade jeans, high-waist raw-edged jeans, embellished jeans, split side jeans and more are among the array of denim style tweaks we are witnessing within the street style sphere.

Suddenly, jeans have extended mileage. They’re back in your face and you want them there. At least I do, on my legs.

For a quick style inspo on the variety of exciting jeans styles out there, take a deep breath and scroll down and enjoy!

Which jeans style is your favorite? Share below – I’d love to know!

“Accept the present moment and find the perfection that is deeper than any form and untouched by time.”Eckhart Tolle

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