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Fashionista NOW: Split Peplum Modern Kurung Style For Raya 2018

Split Peplum Modern Kurung Style For Raya 2018

Don’t wanna bore you ladies with another peplum kurung until I found this.

A peplum waist for some reason is the most desired style in a modern kurung here in Malaysia and seeing a slew of iterations of the voluminous waist has me thinking that it is enough but this particular peplum by Wanzar has something a little extra and quite unforgettable that I’ve no choice but to highlight the style here. For those still very much into the peplum waist or just about to dip your feet into the trend, then this right here is a peplum kurung worth considering.

Why, you ask? Well, let me just break it all down for easy digestion. Instead of the usual symmetric peplum waist design that you’ve seen endlessly, the Wanzar’s peplum waist is rendered with a strategic front split that proves to be a winning feature of this modern kurung blouse. It somehow creates an elongating line through the space where you get to see the skirt underneath.

The back part of the peplum is designed with gorgeous ruffles adding further waist definition. The front part of the peplum is left without ruffles with the split placement about center-ish and a floral applique to the side for a visual interest. The brocade fabric gives this modern kurung a dose of glam and the long skirt is kept muted in a solid color showing us that a little restrain can be a wonderful thing.

Well, I don’t know about you but something tells me that this modern kurung style from Wanzar’s latest collection is going to fly off the shelf! Grab one or two while you still can. Enjoy!


Pink Split Peplum Modern Kurung


| shop here


Blue Split Peplum Modern Kurung


| shop here


Brown Split Peplum Modern Kurung


| shop here


Which baju kurung would you love to wear this Raya? Share below – I’d love to know.

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