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Fashionista NOW: Shine Literally In These Sparkly Party-Ready Pleated Midi Skirts

Shine Literally In These Sparky Party-Ready Pleated Midi Skirts

Sparkle in these gorgeous pleated midi skirts that will blend seamlessly in your party-worthy wardrobe or on off-days when a bit of chic is in order.

Skirts of the retro and charming midi lengths are a personal favorite and couple that with precious pleats and glossy finish made possible via metallic fabric, satin or a generous sprinkle of sequins, the outcome is they’re made for the party season. But of course, you can dress them down so you can extend the skirt’s longevity for I believe in mixing and matching. Since the month where parties are kind of expected, whether you wanna go or not, there’s no reason not to give shiny midi skirts some eyeballing now in case you decide to make one or a few appearances.

For midi pleated skirts that are instantly party-ready, the list below will hopefully get you inspired!

Remember that it’s alright to go a little extra shimmery in your OOTD or OOTN department this season. After all it’s a way to celebrate and end the year with a resounding glitz, glam and bang! Enjoy!


Black Pleated Satin Midi Skirt


| shop here


Lavender Metallic Pleated Skirt


| shop here


Pink Pleated Satin Midi Skirt


| shop here


Black Reflective Pleated Midi Skirt


| shop here


Rose Gold Pleated Pencil Midi Skirt


| shop here


Metallic Overlay Pleated Midi Skirt


| shop here


Rose Gold Sequin Midi Skirt


| shop here


Which pretty pleated skirt GETS you? Share below – I’d love to know!

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