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Fashionista NOW: 7 Romper Styles To Be Caught Wearing This Summer

A hot-day one-piece essential that will make dressing easy. Check out these SEVEN romper styles to slip into this summer.

Rompers are cute one-pieces you can slip into in a jiff when the sun is out so high in the sky which happens often come summer. So many rompers to choose from it can get a bit overwhelming so I’ve gathered 7 eye-catching romper styles that will make it easy for you.

Truth be told, I’ve not worn a single romper in my life but this year, I’m thinking of getting one just for the fun of it. The weather’s here is perfect for rompers and I don’t see why the heaven not, especially if it’s airy and breezy and will motivate me to start jogging and do all manner of leg exercises to get my lower half fit.

Since I’m in the mood for rompers, I take to Lookbook for styles that I would love to wear. The romper styles you’ll be seeing below are some of what I’m debating to try. Check them out and enjoy the looks, courtesy of LB!

Burgundy Layered Romper

| Tuyet

Patterned Romper

| Taylor Wong

White Embroidered Romper

| Maria Vizuete

Mustard Romper

| Payton Sartain

Gingham Romper

| Lovely Blasphemy

Boho Tribal Romper

| Stardust Bohemian

Floral Romper

| Tonya S.

Which romper look is your favorite? Share below!

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