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Fashionista NOW: Relaxed Fit Midi Dress Styles Anyone Can Wear

Because every girl and woman gets a bit bloated at least one time in a single month.

Don’t you just loathe fabric that clings when your stomach is bloat-happy with food or gas? I know I’m not alone!

Midi dress styles in laidback silhouettes that gently drape or envelope your torso instead of constricting it are wonderful not only for warm temperatures but also when the weather is a mix bag of everything.

There’s a Korean style that blends both the old-world charm of retro relaxed shapes and modern minimalist design, print and color that gets interpreted in the most appealing of midi dresses I often gravitate to visually. These are dresses you can slip easily without worrying if you’re bloated from the time of the month and if you’re about to plant your face in platters of food.

The flowy midi dress allows you to carry on looking ladylike and graceful even when your exercise routine involves walking from your desk to the pantry or some space where you replenish your body fuel.

When you get to mobilize your body without having to breathe in deeply to hold your middle taut because your dress gets it, you know you’re a genius at selecting roomy dresses!

If you’re on a hunt for a relaxed fit midi dress, I hope you’ll find the list down below helpful in giving you some quick style inspos. Enjoy!

Black Drop Hem Midi Dress

| Hannah Louise

Flowy Grey Plaid Midi Dress

| Lisa

Dreamy Blue Kimono Midi Dress

| Adriana M.

Short Sleeve Midi Dress

| Melissa Dewar

Floaty Patterned Midi Dress

| Nikita Wong

Stripe Sweater Midi Dress

| Frida Sjoberg

Which midi dress style is your favorite? Share below, I’d love to know!

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