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Fashionista NOW: Raya-Worthy Elegant Mod Kurung Styles With REGULAR Sleeves

Raya-Worthy Elegant Mod Kurung Styles With REGULAR Sleeves

What?! A baju kurung style that comes with regular sleeves? Who’d thought it’s in existence!

Sarcasm aside, after all the mod kurung styles I’ve been posting for you ladies, I’m frankly up to the eyeballs with the peplums and the flared sleeves. If you’re looking for a baju kurung modern that has narrow sleeves instead then, here’s a post for you.

There is a time and place for peplums and bell sleeves, of course.

But if you’re looking at your closet of baju raya and finding that your kurung modern selection has somehow turned into a sea of peplums and bell sleeves, perhaps you need a spruce-up, sister and guess what?

The Mermaid Luxe collection for Raya 2017 has just somehow figured that out. A baju kurung can still have regular sleeves and still look BOMB too especially when the drama is focused on the skirt and other parts of the blouse besides the sleeves!

To help you locate a baju kurung that is high on elegance with sleeves that are regular but still STYLISH for your Syawal festivities, look no further than below. Enjoy!


Elegant High Neck Mod Kurung


| shop here


Peach Ruffle Arm Mod Kurung (With Waterfall Style Skirt)


| shop here


Maroon Ruffle Skirt Mod Kurung


| shop here


Pastel Blue V-Neck Mod Kurung (With Slit Skirt)


| shop here


Which baju kurung with regular sleeves would you love to wear? Share below – I’d love to know!

“Life is beautiful in all it’s colors, even the darker ones, they’re here for a reason.”Chris Martin

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