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Fashionista NOW: Pretty Ear Jacket Style Earrings Jewelry Inspiration


Up your summer bling game with these minimalist ear jacket earrings because you can.

Aside from accessorizing with trendy sunglasses to frame your face this summer, let us frame our ears with something sparkly and different. We’ll show you a list of ear jacket style earrings that will completely transform the way your approach to ear bling.

There is a world variety of ear jacket earrings out there but if you’re keen on keeping it simple or in other words, minimalist, you will find the selection below worthy to be worn on your delicate ears. Let’s look at them now, shall we?


ChinChinsBoutique | gold triangle ear jacket earrings

An ear jacket earring offers a delightful dual function. If the mood calls for something stripped down simple, you can just wear the studs and leave the jackets for another day. I love the pointy triangle jacket on this one, it offsets the roundness of the earlobe and the little stud earring is small enough, it complements the look. This one’s pretty lightweight so if you’re no fan of heavy ear bling, count this into your summer must-have earring list!



elegantjewelbox | customizable sterling silver ear jacket earrings

Don’t you just love it when you get to customize every little aspect of your jewelry? With these ear jacket earrings, you get to choose the metal and gem color. The spiky ear jacket earrings will inject a quick edginess into your summer wardrobe no matter how casual or dressy you go.

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CBOstudio | pearl spiky ear jacket earrings

Available in silver and gold, this pearl and spiky ear jacket earrings are just so chic you can wear them with pretty dresses or even a laidback sporty wear for a dose of unexpected bling. Just imagine them on your ears – Don’t they just make you feel a little pretty? Though I’m no fan of long dangly earrings but the ear jacket earring style – I don’t mind, as long as bottom bit sits fairly close to the earlobe.



AyalahBJewelry | double triangle ear jacket earrings

Obviously, triangles need to be mentioned and this one is just stunning! I love the combination of a tiny triangle as a stud and a big triangle as the jacket that hangs under the earlobe. Again, the angular look offsets the roundness of the earlobe and this contrast is so attractive to me.



ShaniJacobiJewellery | geometric spiky ear jacket earrings

For lovers of the geometric bling, you will just love this. The simplicity of it proves to be captivating. A trio of triangle hugs the earlobe from behind while the stud is shaped in a simple sphere. If you need an earring that will make a statement, this one is it! This is available in gold and silver.



emmanuelaGR | turquoise pearl ear jacket earrings

A pop of color won’t hurt especially now that the temps are surging. The turquoise pearl is set against a petal-like ear jacket evoking the picture of a flower, just perfect for the season. Again, with ear jacket earrings, you can wear the pearls alone or swap the pearl with something you have in your collection to go with the ear jacket. How fun is that?



MeyravShavitJewels | gold star ear jacket earrings

This starry ear jacket earrings will be all you need to make an eye-catching sparkly statement. Instead of one little star, you have four, with three making up the ear jacket, decorating the border of your earlobe. Pretty magical, don’t you think?


Do you like the ear jacket earrings shown above? Which style is your favorite? Share below!

“I think jewelry can change an outfit more than anything else. Transformation, punch, individuality: One or all of the above are why you should wear jewelry.”Iris Apfel

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