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Fashionista NOW: Patterned Mod Kurung Styles For Your Raya 2017 OOTD

Patterned Mod Kurung Styles For Your Raya 2017 OOTD

Sometimes, a loud splash of print and color can get you in the mood to Raya. Here’s a printed kurung list to get you psyched after you buka puasa (break fast).

For those who would like to stun your onlookers this upcoming Raya with pretty floral petals in striking colors or print of the monochromatic geometric styling, then, this is a mod kurung selection dedicated to you.

Leave it to me, your personal mod kurung style curator to grab a few highlighted picks so that your eyeballs can do the work as you let your body rest this fasting month. I hope you’ve been hydrating yourself aplenty because the Malaysian summer is strong and the heat is killing. Ladies, if you’ve already owned a few versatile kurung styles in muted color schemes because you’re embracing the minimalist in you, but now in a mood to wear something LOUD and proud that has patterns, I’ve made this list of mod kurung styles that will help you narrow down your selection!

Admit it, sometimes, you want to look extra flowery or abstract-ish in bright colors especially loud pink. To be safe, I’ve also rounded up two monochromatic patterned kurung styles for those who are color-shy but print-ready. Breathe and you shall now let your eyeballs do the looking. Enjoy!


Red Floral Print Mod Kurung Pahang


| shop here


Black + White Geometric Mod Kurung


| shop here


Hot Pink Leopard Mod Kurung


| shop here


Embellished Geometric Mod Kurung


| shop here


Royal Floral Peplum Mod Kurung


| shop here


Which baju kurung is loud enough visually for you? Share below – I’d love to know because I’m such a busy body!

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