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Fashionista NOW: 7 Palazzo Styles For Eid 2016

7 Palazzo Styles For Eid 2016

Palazzos are flowy shaped trousers that get Malaysian gals in a euphoric state come the time to celebrate Hari Raya Puasa, or Eid as it’s also called. Here’s a list of 7 palazzo trousers to get your style juices flowing.

Though the rainy spell has seemed to start here, the humidity still lurks like a vengeful ghost threatening to have you run out of your clothes and into the madhouse. Unless you live on a mountain hugged by fat mist and enthusiastic breeze, the trusty silhouette of a palazzo ought to be relied on as it’s breezy and billowy for when you want to give skirts a rest.

Although Raya is still a long time, it does no good to procrastinate till the last minute when cute palazzo pants are everywhere right now, doesn’t it?

So, I suggest eyeballing the wide-legged flowy pants down below to find out the chic palazzo styles that can be grabbed this minute.



7 Palazzo Ideas For Your Raya 2016 Wardrobe

Black Wrap Palazzo Pants


| shop here


Dainty Floral Palazzo Pants


| shop here


Crochet Lace Palazzo Pants


| shop here


Green Patterned Palazzo Pants


| shop here


Grey Palazzo Trousers


| shop here


Khaki Cargo Palazzo Pants


| shop here


Vertical Stripe Palazzo


| shop here


Which palazzo pants got you excited? Share and tell – I’d love to know!

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