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Fashionista NOW: 4 Open Back Footwear Styles For Chic Ankle Flaunting

4 Open Back Footwear Styles For Chic Ankle Flaunting

Sometimes, all you need are flats with a bit of a statement open back style to ease into spring/summer.

I spotted these while prowling the indie corners of Etsy for oxfords because who doesn’t love them? I know I’m obsessed! As I was just checking out the selection of oxford shoes there that almost always made my feet itch, I saw interesting cutout style oxfords with the back lopped off intentionally and I was smitten.

Though I’ve got a bit of a love and loath relationship with my ankles, I happen to have bouts of ankle confidence and I think the open back shoe style is a great way to show them off. If you think your ankles are too pretty to hide, these open back style shoes are made for you!

The open back design can be seen both in mules and sandals too and below, you’ll see 4 of my current favorites that are so easy to slip in and out of and most importantly, stylish!


Footwear With Open Back Style For Spring/Summer 2016


Cutout Oxford Shoes


| JuliaBoShoes

Offering optimum comfort and an androgynous look, these slip-on shoes are conceived as a cross between oxfords and sabot shoes, finished with a low, supportive heel.


Open Back Black Mules


| abramey

Minimalistic leather sandals in chic black. Flat mules that are both flattering and super comfy. These slide sandals will look great with any spring/summer outfit, adding to it a modern touch.


Open Back Grey Sandals


| abramey

Super comfortable spring/summer flats with an open back for easy wearing. These strappy sandals are made of soft leather and will render any outfit a look of effortless style. The design is minimalistic and very flattering to the foot. These leather sandals are perfect for running around the city, day and night.


Open Back Leather Mules


| WalkByAnatDahari

These mules are the picture of elegance.  Made of a soft calf-skin with natural texture, these are suitable for day and night. They are very comfortable and will add style and finesse to just about any outfit.


Which of these open back shoe styles do you like best? Share below – I’d love to know!


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