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Fashionista NOW: No Commitment Faux Gauge Earrings Jewelry Inspiration

No Commitment Faux Gauge Earrings Jewelry Inspiratio

If you can’t commit to stretching holes on your precious ear lobes, faux gauge earrings are where it’s at!

In beauty talk, they like to say that eyebrows frame the face. In the jewelry scene, the choice of earrings does literally frame the face, anatomically-speaking, as where else are your ears going to be situated, right?

If you’ve been living on earth for ages, you will know that there are many earring styles out there and that while some look good on certain lobes, it doesn’t mean the the same earrings will translate the same on another pair of ear lobes.

Up Close & Personal About The Shape Of My LOBES

For instance, I have a fluffy pair of ear lobes, they are spacious and the pierced hole sits smack in the center. My mother, on the other hand, has narrow ear lobes and the pierced hole sits closer to the lowest edge. She loves dangly earrings while I don’t. I am all about studs and hoop earrings but she isn’t a fan of studs at all but doesn’t mind hoops. Because her ear lobe hole sits so close to the edge, heavy dangly earrings often look like they’re about to slip off of the tip of her lobes and she has to utilize the round disk earring backs so her earrings are secured properly. I, on the other, loathe the plastic round backs because they smother my fatty ear lobes!

Gauging The GAUGES

Now, gauge earrings are a style that I’ve seen on properly gauged ears and I am truly afraid of having giant holes that aren’t supposed to be there in the first place. So, while I can appreciate the badass aesthetic of wearing real gauge plugs, I am only tempted to wear the faux ones because I like keeping the tiny holes for my other regular earrings. I like having my choices wide open hen it comes to earrings and when I found out that there are fake gauge earrings, I was very much enthralled.

It turns out that you only need to screw the gauges together through the existing hole you have on your ear lobes and that we regular folks can wear them too! My excitement has me trawling over Etsy as per usual and below, you will find that I’m evidently into the spiral wooden kind of gauge design.

As a person who isn’t into dangly type of earrings, I actually love the sturdy and chunky look of a dark brown or black spiral gauge earrings and my fatty lobes will definitely be perfect for them. I hope you’ll like them too! Enjoy!

Fun fact about me: I’ve been pronouncing gauge wrong all my life. Instead of ‘gage’, I say it like I say ‘ouch!’ Am I alone in this? Tell me I’m not because then this would be a weird fact about me.

What do you think of these faux gauge earrings? Would you wear them? Tell me your thoughts, dreams and nightmare – I want to know them all!

“I have nice ears. I have no lobes, which was disappointing for a while, but I’ve gotten over it and learned to love them. Being lobeless isn’t the end of the world” Natalie Portman

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