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Fashionista NOW: New Ruffle Game In This Pleated Blouse Style

New Ruffle Game In This Pleated Blouse Style

Is your ruffle style game getting dull? It’s okay because here’s something to up your ruffle game this season.

What prompted this post was that I found myself lacking in something that I don’t actually need but am curious to try in the near future and that is a blouse with sleeves with some intriguing design twist.

I was in the shopping strolling around recently when I noticed a tall and slender female wearing this charming blouse with a balloon design that was so retro but clearly was made modern and I wondered why I never wore something like that. I’ll be sure to get that blouse style on here when I get the chance to share.

Instead of that particular sleeve, I happen to stumble upon this blouse with an outer ruffle decorating the side of each sleeve extending up to the shoulder, stopping just near the border of the high round neckline. This blouse is one of those blouses that carry a textural impact through the creation of an all-over pleated detailing that makes it quite dressy.

The ruffle sitting at the outer part of the sleeve pulls my attention and I imagine myself wearing this and possibly slaying it. Instead of drooling over this beauty alone, here I am sharing with you on a graceful and charming blouse you would perhaps appreciate as well.

I hope you’ll enjoy eyeballing the details on this pretty chic blouse with a unique sleeve statement.


Black Pleated Ruffle Detail Blouse


| shop here


Yellow Pleated Ruffle Detail Blouse


| shop here


Which pleated ruffle blouse would you love to wear? Share below – I’d love to know.

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1 comment to Fashionista NOW: New Ruffle Game In This Pleated Blouse Style

  • Love a good statement blouse. Next to jackets of all kinds (especially biker jackets ;)) blouses may be one of my favourite clothing items since they’re so versatile. No matter how fancy it is, you can always dress it up or down and look perfectly polished! Also, this shade of yellow is particularly beautiful ????
    Stay fash! xx Lary

    Lary Rauh |

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