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Fashionista NOW: 7 Gift Ideas In Celebration of The Year of The Fire Monkey

The year of the Fire Monkey is upon us and as we bid sayonara to 2015, here’s a list of gift ideas that draws inspiration from monkeys.

From jewelry to decor, we show you 7 cheeky ways to incorporate monkeys in your life and view them in a new light. If monkeys as a symbol have a particular personal connection to you or your loved ones, then you may enjoy this list as well.

My personal, most general view of the monkey is that they enjoy bananas and can be quite mischievous. Just a month or so back, a monkey was spotted roaming in my neighborhood and we were cautioned to be extra vigilant as it might exhibit unpredictable behavior. I, on the other hand, was pretty excited to maybe spot the monkey swinging by but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. I’m uncertain if it’s still around but we have quite a dense forest area here where it could easily make itself at home.

In family settings, calling someone a monkey can be taken as a term of endearment or an insult. Someone’s cute little monkey could be literally their pet monkey or a human child.

Here’s an interesting Buddhist parable of a monkey lore from China that was called Yuanhou Zhuyue — It tells of a group of monkeys attempting to catch the reflection of the moon in the water below a tree. All slipped from the branch they were standing from and drowned. The moral or philosophical lesson behind this is to refrain from attempting impossible tasks recklessly. The act of trying to grasp a reflection of the moon is a metaphor for the unenlightened mind, deluded by mere appearances.

Another one of the parable’s interpretations I quite like is: When the unwise have an unwise leader, they are all led to ruin. (source)


Monkey-Themed Gift Ideas For The Lunar New Year 2016


Ceramic Monkey Head Lamp




Long Monkey Necklace


| PebetaTeta


Monkey And Baby Monkey Necklace ( Sterling Silver )


| SilverTemptation


Monkey Metal Art Bookends


| KnobCreekMetalArts


Watercolor Monkey Painting


| ZenInks


Three Wise Monkey Emoji Bracelet


| EmojiGirlJewelry


Monkey Quote Mug


| AndreaEmporium


Do you like the monkey-inspired gift ideas? Tell us your favorite down below!

I recommend learning how to come into the presence of stillness and vastness. Learn any form of meditation. Spend twenty minutes every day if possible, in meditation, listening to the crazy monkey mind inside you, and learning how to still the thoughts and discover that big, deep soulful part of yourself.Elizabeth Lesser

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© All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.

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