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Fashionista NOW: The Modern Songket Kurung For Unicorns To Wear This Eid 2018

The Modern Songket Kurung For Unicorns To Wear This Eid 2018

Girls, I found the modern kurung style for you unicorns.

If you’re all into the spirit of celebrating your uniqueness and full acceptance of who you are with a touch of unicorn awesomeness, then this is the baju kurung modern that you might be looking for. When I first saw this on Instagram, I thought about the specific mix of colors FLEURÉ had decided to focus upon and something about the Aquiver songket kurung collection whispers galactic star dusts and also, the colors one may associate with the unicorn. Even if you’re no unicorn or have interest in this elusive creature, you might still be drooling over the design of this kurung.

One thing that you can appreciate from FLEURÉ in terms of their kurung design is their love for the high low hemline is retained in this collection of only three but impactful songket kurung iterations. The blouse compared to the other minimalist interpretation from the Solasta collection carries frills all along the high low hem and the three-quarter sleeve edge. There is contrasting songket prints decorating their signature collared neckline that matches the long songket print skirt. The play of songket motif imbued in the unicorn-flavored hues at times remind me of the colorful group of fish one can find in the sea or aquarium.

Available in blue, pink and purple, this is the baju raya reserved for those especially into songket, frills and a collared neckline on a high low hem blouse. Enjoy.


Blue High Low Songket Kurung


| shop here


Pink High Low Songket Kurung


| shop here


Purple High Low Songket Kurung


| shop here


What do you think of the FLEURÉ’s Aquiver modern songket kurung selection? Share your thoughts. I love reading them!

“You must not ever stop being whimsical. And you must not, ever, give anyone else the responsibility for your life.”Mary Oliver

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