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Fashionista NOW: Mismatched Stud Earrings To Personalize Your Ears With

Mismatched Stud Earrings To Personalize Your Ears With

Credit | Saman Accessories

For beautifully mismatched earrings that add personality to your outfit.

Ladies, if you’re into the asymmetric earring trend and look for something in the stud format, I’ve got great news for you!

Whether you’re a nature-lover or someone who imagines herself travelling back in time to befriend dinosaurs while in reality is a cat woman, there is a variety of designs to choose from when you take a peek at Saman Accessories that specializes in mismatched stud earrings.

To introduce to you the jewelry label that is based in Venezuela so you can know them better, you will find below the story as is shared by Carlos Lopez Valles through our correspondence on Etsy:


“This is the result of deciding not to be only the sellers but the ones who crafted these awesome pieces.

After 5 years of being the managers of many accessory brands, we decided that we wanted to make our own pieces, keeping in mind everything we have learned until then.  So, we choose earrings, designed the figures for them, and put extra care on the package that would protect the pieces and represent our brand.  After all, we came out with Saman Accessories, and offered stainless steel earrings in an aluminium black tin that later became gold.


Cat And Mouse Mismatched Earringsshop them here!

But it all has been messier than it sounds. As a matter of fact, our earrings weren’t supposed to be mismatched, it was just before we started selling that we decided to pair the models with motives that weren’t identical, but somehow complemented each other. Adding the final touch to our concept, quality, and beauty with a twist.


Crescent Moon And Stars Mismatched Earringsshop them here!

A year later, after a lot of hard work, we were all over our country, Venezuela, placed in many different stores, and started getting requests from other countries that have heard of our pieces.


Flower And Bird Mismatched Earrings – shop them here!

That’s why we’re here, we want everyone to know about the brand we have created with so much effort, and that has been recommended for so many people that already bought it.
We offer long lasting accessories that can be wore everyday, and that will compliment your outfits with a fun and subtle touch.


Dentist Toothbrush Mismatched Earringsshop them here!

We offer the products with the knowledge that we had about the woman needs when buying an accessory. We offer a pieces you can identify with.


Dinosaur And Cactus Mismatched Earringsshop them here!

And, finally, we hope to be everywhere, satisfying girls all over the world by giving them beautiful and original pieces made with all the care you can imagine.”


For more variety of mismatched earrings, please give them a follow! They’re also on Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr.

For you dear readers of the blog, use code FAMECHERRYPROMO for a 10% OFF on all products except for the Mix and Match and Make Your Own Set collections.


Saman Accesorios is jewelry company based in Caracas, Venezuela. All our pieces are made of stainless steel and gold plated with high quality and care. We have been producing our pieces for over a year with great acceptance in the local market, reaching to more than 150 stores in our country that sell our products. Etsy is a new possibility to widen our horizon and reach to many people that were not able to get our product before. Visit us on Instagram to stay connected.

“That is what learning is. You suddenly understand something you’ve understood all your life, but in a new way.”Doris Lessing

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