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Fashionista NOW: A Minimalist Jumpsuit Style To Party In

A Minimalist Jumpsuit Style To Party In

A chic jumpsuit to party in for when you are taking a break from dresses.

Sometimes, a simple one-piece jumpsuit in a solid color can just be what you need to celebrate the end of the year’s festivities in style. The jumpsuit style that is perfect for occasion dressing or even a brunch session when you want to exude a lady boss look is the short sleeve tailored jumpsuit that ZALORA Malaysia has just recently came up with. The collection has four distinct colors, but I’m narrowing down on three with the solid party-worthy versatile color options which are black, red and forest green.

With a fitted bodice, this jumpsuit makes sure your upper torso is carefully highlighted. But of course, you must do your due diligent and check back in with the size measurements so you can get the best fit. Avid online shoppers know this but sometimes, we forget. So that’s a friendly reminder.

Getting back to the appeal of this jumpsuit style – It has a V-neckline which is a personal favorite as I love that it is elongating to the body. The simple short sleeve is just lovely for when you want a bit of an upper arm coverage. The waist is defined with a side button detailing and as it goes down to your legs, the pants are designed to taper to reach your ankles. This too creates an elongating effect to your figure. Depending on the shape of your posterior, the fitting for the lower waist area may differ from body to body so it’s best to take note of that if you’re no fan of a slight bottom slouch.

Without further delay, check out this simple jumpsuit style and enjoy!


Black Short Sleeve Tailored Jumpsuit


| shop here


Forest Green Short Sleeve Tailored Jumpsuit


| shop here


Red Short Sleeve Tailored Jumpsuit


| shop here


Which jumpsuit would you love to wear? Share below – I’d love to know.

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