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Fashionista NOW: Minimalist Glass Earrings To Decorate Your Halloween Ears

The time to embrace your inner spooky is near. Subtly inject a dose of classic Blair Witch darkness without horrifying onlookers in these unforgettable glass earrings.

Ears are part of your body so why not make the most of the anatomy by putting on some dope earrings that spell Halloween without being over the top. Before I found this gem of a jewelry trove on Etsy, I thought of clowns, specifically Pennywise and was compelled to check out if there were clown earrings. They were, in fact, a few and pretty spooky if you are inflicted with clown phobia and even though I’m neutral with the clown stuff, I really don’t want to scare anyone away. Perhaps, if there were to be minimalist clown earrings in the future, then I’d be thrilled to put them all on display here.

For those who are ready to ooze Halloween vibes because October’s all about it, why not go the subtle route with this gothic witchy earring collection handmade by KATESHOfactory, instead. If you’re about unique jewelry finds, I highly recommend taking a peek into their collection as they use stained glass and tin in their handcrafted bling bling. Looking through their collection of jewelry, I can’t help but to fall in love with the use of stained or clear glass material and black metal bordering that would be a signature design.

Ladies, if you’re looking to wear earrings with a witchy flavor and hold a strong love for minimalist geometric shapes, then you must give KATESHOfactory a visit. For now, please kindly eyeball the list I’ve created just to give you a teaser of their impactful jewelry concept.


Gothic Blood Droplet Earrings


| shop here


Magic Fractal Triangle Earrings


| shop here


Gothic Red Long Chili Earrings


| shop here


Triangle In Circle Geometric Earrings


| shop here


Dangle Minimal Triangle Earrings


| shop here


Which earrings would you love to wear for Halloween? Be sure to share your thoughts below – I want to hear from you!

Love everything about these earrings? Be sure to show KATESHOfactory some real love!

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