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Fashionista NOW: Minimalist Baju Kurung For Raya 2016

Minimalist Baju Kurung For Raya 2016

A return to the old school traditional baju kurung can be just what you need when you want to go the minimalist route this Hari Raya Puasa 2016. Get your baju raya!

Malaysians love their modern baju kurung that we’re seeing a lot of them everywhere. When it comes to celebrating Raya the glam way, there are just a whole world of party dresses to choose from that it’s easy to get swarmed in a sea of choices. However, if you’re a minimal dresser and would like to keep a similar vibe on this Raya – the choices can be limited. My suggestion would be to opt for the nostalgic baju kurung silhouette that we Malaysians are all familiar with (but isn’t celebrated enough), which is the the long straight-cut top and a long skirt with side pleats.

To make it fit into the modern style box where minimalism reigns, opt for neutral colors of black, navy, white, cream, beige and brown. Instead of big, elaborate patterns, choose small ones in geometric, polka dots or floral that will give your outfit a visual flavor being overpowering.

The idea is to have a look so effortless in an intentionally low-key manner in a simple baju kurung that is stripped off the glitter for when you feel like less is certainly a lot. The baju kurung selection down below is all within an affordable price bracket and can be grabbed quickly now itself. Enjoy!


7 Simple Baju Kurung For Raya 2016


White Polka Dot Baju Kurung


| shop here


Black Geometric Baju Kurung


| shop here


Pink Floral Baju Kurung


| shop here


Blue Polka Dot Baju Kurung


| shop here


Purple Floral Baju Kurung


| shop here


Dark Blue Floral Baju Kurung


| shop here


Dotted Brown Baju Kurung


| shop here


Which of these baju kurung call out to your inner minimalist spirit? Do you prefer the more traditional baju kurung style or its modern renditions? Share your thoughts – I love reading them!

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