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Fashionista NOW: 10 Mini Book Charm Necklace Styles For The Bookworms

Are you a bookworm or know someone who is? Character trait: He or she would rather be buried in books, digital or physical, rather than be all idle and dull. To all the bookworms out there, here’s a jewelry post dedicated to all of you, chronic page-turners.

Book pendant necklaces have a world of their own on Etsy and it’s a long due post for I’m all about hoarding books until the spaces are filled up and I’m too lazy to dust them off until I finally have to and donate them all except for a few long-term favorites.

I’m a firm believer of giving life-altering books away for free to the people you care about (who are willing to read them) and this is something I do feeling quite bittersweet because parting with a book that’s given me a soul-transforming life insight to another person is quite a huge decision to make.

Mad bookworm spirit aside, I am in love with the looks of various miniature book charm necklaces that I’ve gathered a list of TEN personal picks that will make a true book lover squirm in delight! Enjoy.


Antique Rhinestone Book Charm Necklace


| GitasJewelryShop


Cream Leather Book Necklace


| TwigandSeam


Leather Mini Notebook Necklace


| FavouriteNotebook


Miniature Book Necklace


| AVworkshop


Mini Leather Journal Necklace With Lock And Key Charm


| missArAyA


Nutty Brown Mini Book Necklace


| PegandAwl


Set Of 3 Mini Book Necklace


| AVworkshop


Silver Glitter Bookworm Necklace


| charlieblossomvtg


White Leather Book Necklace With Vintage Pearl


| vickisheehan


Grey Book Lover Necklace


| BrotherWorks


Which mini book necklace is your favorite? Share below – I’d love to know!

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