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Fashionista NOW: Midi Cardigan Styles To Up Your Tropical Summer Layering Game

Midi Cardigan Styles To Up Your Tropical Summer Layering Game

It’s no secret that the fashion crowd is embracing midi length dresses and skirts now more than ever. Another article of clothing that takes on this midi length which I’m rather fond of is the cardigan.

You’ve seen them in a cropped to normal default length and also the longline maxi variety. The midi cardigan has a hemline that grazes the knee to anywhere in the calf zone. For a skirt/dress/outerwear to be called a maxi technically – if we’re going there literally – the hemline needs to at least touch the ankle. For some reason, I’ve seen midis being called maxis and maxis, called as midis. Perhaps, it’s just me being a little too anal retentive.

Anyways, I love, love a good light layering game in the tropical summer here in Malaysia because we all know the buildings are often chilled that whatever summer-appropriate outfit would be the cause of your shivering and dying within the concrete cave. Okay, slight exaggeration is my own but yeah, the contrasting temps need to be considered when you dress to go out here even though it’s blindingly hot when you step out. Since the weather is mischievous, a midi cardigan that you can dig out and slip on at the last minute is supremely vital.

In case you are wondering what midi cardigan styles are out there to be worn, I’ve found a list of 4 that I’d personally wear myself. They have the side split thing going on, a bit of lace, dark floral and some ribbed details. Wearability: maximum.

Enjoy the collection!


Black Lace Sleeve Midi Cardigan


| shop here


Dark Floral Flowy Midi Cardigan


| shop here


Pale Grey Ribbed Midi Cardigan


| shop here


White Crochet Lace Midi Cardigan


| shop here


Which cardigan would you wear? Share below – I’d love to know!

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