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Fashionista NOW: The Men’s Christmas 2015 Hairstyle To Try That Isn’t The Man Bun

Credit | Marcus Branch

Men, give your mane a Christmas hairstyle makeover with this universally-loved hair trend. And you can let it grow out to automatically get the man bun, as a bonus!

Here’s a Christmas hairstyle for men and no, it’s not the man bun (yet) but there will be a post on the latter as soon as I gather up all the man-bun-wearing cuties.

According to the Google gods, more men than women are hunting down for trendy hairstyles with the help of the search engine and 2015 is the year for men’s hair care with searches on it covers about 6 percent more than the gal’s! Wow, right?

And based from what I’ve seen locally in my side of the world (where it’s annoyingly monsoony now), the hair look that has men running off the saloon is one that involves the sides either shaved off or trimmed to a much shorter length than the mid-section of the head.

Heck, even my enthusiastically bearded brother is sporting this hairstyle and it’s been more than a year since he tried any other new hair trend. Compare this to the many hairstyles the ladies go through on a monthly basis and you’d curiously notice how men are far more invested in or loyalist to one hair trend as opposed to redefining theirs every couple of months.

When I go to the shoe section of the men’s clothing department here no matter how small or big is the mall, it is often the case then the whole atmosphere is like the graveyard in contrast to the lady’s footwear section where every day feels like Christmas and shoe-hunting is a daily therapy. True story, this one is, as I’d just previously embarked on to study the footwear style for men on a jiff one brilliant day and was pretty mad that their shoes were all practical, comfy and never constrictive at the tip. When I slipped my relatively large feet into one of the men’s shoes, they felt like finally, they’ve arrived in shoe heaven. I just can’t, sometimes, with the women’s shoe selection, I tell you.

Returning back to the subject of the men’s hairstyle of 2015 — If you’re a man of simple yet practical fashion persuasion who have yet to give your hair a makeover since a decade ago, then why not go for it this Christmas by trying out The Beckham, also known as the short-at-the-sides with the middle part of your hair kept in a length you so desire?

Check out the looks below for your instant men’s hairstyle trend inspo and know that you too can make the look work no matter what your hair type is with the help of a proper rad hairstylist that actually want you to look fabulous!


The Variations of The Undercut Hair Trend For Men You Can Try This Season:

So, which one of the looks do you like best? If you like any of the cuties, please show support and hype them up on their LB. Also, be sure to drop your marvelous thoughts on this much loved hair trend as I love reading them and will delightfully respond!

Fun fact: I remember back in the 90s, this hair trend in particular, was referred to as the slope haircut but no one I knew thought it was cool. Time’s a funny old thing! Did you know somebody actually paid $137,500 for Kurt Cobain’s old cardigan?

“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.”Khalil Gibran

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