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Fashionista NOW: Malaysian-Handmade Batik Leather Zip Pouch Styles To Go With Your OOTD

When batik and women empowerment go together…

So, finally I stumbled upon something that inspires me in two important ways.

One, the presence of authentic Malaysian batik made to feature in modern accessories so the ancient art is reinvented to appeal to the new young community.

Two: A social cause I’m in full support of as the pouches are handmade by Malaysian artisans who are made up of women. You know how I feel about supporting and empowering women and to find a boutique like this that celebrates Malaysian batik and women empowerment together is inspiring and I’m compelled to share this in this space.

Batik Boutique appreciates and celebrates the art in batik. On their website, you can read in detail on what exactly takes place to get the batik print that is handmade from the start. These pouches in particular caught my attention and you know when my eyeballs start to zoom in on something, they just won’t let go, so they’ll be displayed for your consumption in this post.

Despite having learned about the art of batik in school, I only internalized this fact now: that genuine batik has both the design and color on both sides of the fabric, as opposed to batik printed digitally. To know why that is so, you can read all about it on the link mentioned previously.


About the Batik Leather Pouches

The leather zip pouch comes in 4 distinct eye-catching batik designs and colors. They are made of 100% cotton hand-blocked Malaysian batik with the bottom part made of durable leather and lined with satin to protect your precious things. They are handmade by artisans here in Malaysia so do expect a print/color variation for each pouch.


Black Stone Batik Leather Pouch


Ocean Blue Peacock Batik Leather Pouch

How to style these batik pouches you wonder? Well, you can team the visually-attractive pouch with muted minimalist ensembles so that the attention goes to the pouch straight away. Or, you can partner the pouch with a bold outfit of the day/night where you play print-and-color clash for a maximalist look. Either way, you shall slay!


Gold Leather Batik Pouch


Red Festival Batik Leather Pouch


Besides the leather batik pouches, Batik Boutique also has an array of cool tote bags, 3-way clutches and scarfs, all made in gorgeous Malaysian batik too.


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How Batik Boutique got started:

The Batik Boutique began with a friendship between two women.

In 2009, Amy Blair became friends with Ana – a single mother who at the time, was looking for more income to support her family. Ana and Amy began brainstorming ways she could earn an income. Ana was able to sew, so together they bought some batik fabric that Ana transformed into unique gifts that Amy gave to family and friends. Soon, word spread and with it came demand.

Amy founded The Batik Boutique in the belief that women like Ana deserved a fair and sustainable income, and the ability to provide for themselves and their families.

The Batik Boutique’s vision is to empower hundreds of artisans like Ana by offering them a fair and sustainable income producing beautiful, high quality fashion and gifts.

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