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Fashionista NOW: For Lovers Of Hoops ~ Statement Tribal Hoop Earrings

A memorable hoop earring style for those into the spirited bohemian vibes.

Not ever over with my love for hoops, I found the existence of stunning tribal hoop earrings that are designed with a maximalist approach utilizing ornate filigree and mandala designs, and draws major inspiration from the north-Indian and bohemian gypsy adornments.

If you’re aiming for hoops that can be worn during special occasions, such as the upcoming Diwali or other parties, then may I suggest the hoops from GypsyWindsBcn. I have been known to stop literally everything when I spotted something that sparkled and touched my heart. And the extensive silver and brass hoop collection in particular did more as it also made me drool and wondered how come I never once showcased a tribal hoop style ear bling in this space? So, today is the day I do!

The tribal or bohemian style hoops will appeal to those already a fan of hoops and would like to experiment with elaborate forms of hoop earrings. Rendered in silver and brass, these hoops will complement your everyday outfit as well as be the sparkling pop over loud party outfits, or elegant and quiet ones.

If you’re a gal who can’t be part with her hoops, trust that these earrings will get your earlobes covered for when you want party-worthy hoop earrings. Enjoy!


Brass Mandala Tribal Hoop Earrings


| shop here


Floral Mandala Tribal Hoop Earrings


| shop here


Filigree Tribal Hoop Earrings


| shop here


Triangle Tribal Hoop Earrings


| shop here


Indian Tribal Hoop Earrings


| shop here


Tribal Fan Hoop Earrings


| shop here


Statement Tribal Hoop Earrings


| shop here


Which hoop earrings would you love to wear? Share below – I’d love to know!

Smitten with the style of these hoop earrings? Show your love for GypsyWindsBcn here!

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