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Fashionista NOW: Long Floral Dress Style Ideas For A Broody Party OOTD

Fashionista NOW: Long Floral Dress Style Ideas For A Broody Party OOTD

Credit | Malia Keana

Embrace deeply mesmerizing dark floral looks in long dresses this holiday season.

I used to think that floral dresses are only associated with loud, cheery or quirky looks until I saw how a fashion bloggers did it their dark and broody way as Autumn begins.

As temps dip, the appeal of midi and maxi floral dresses seem to present itself in dark broody tones. With muted backgrounds in dark shades, the blooms on them take on a subdued impact. Some carry that unmistakable mellow bohemian influence that I really appreciate in long billowy dresses with floral prints.

If you’ve run out of style ideas on the kind of holiday dress style to wear as you wrap this year up, may I suggest long floral dresses of the dark type? Alternatively, you can opt for dresses with bold red flowers stamped over a black canvas for a delightfully dark and mysterious look.

I hope you’ll enjoy looking through the list down below for a quick dose of holiday dress style ideas that celebrate the floral fashion trend.

Which long floral dress style is your favorite? Share below – I’d love to know!

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