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Fashionista NOW: Up Your Layering Skills With SIX Chic Long Cardigan Styles

Up Your Layering Skills With SIX Chic Long Cardigan Styles

When the weather permits, layering with a long cardigan can be one of the simplest things to do to quickly kick yourself out of that annoying style rut.

When our clothes just don’t seem to be conveying the very essence of our being, it can get really tired pretty fast.

For me, the chance to layer up with a cardigan here in tropical Malaysia doesn’t come often now that Mr El Nino is here. So anytime I find myself about to be stuck in an artificially-chilled atmosphere usually within concrete walls, I make sure to pick out a cardigan that can make my outfit sing. And this by far is truly the easiest way to give life to my most repetitive casual ensemble.

With the popularity of cozy, longline cardigans rising – it’s hard not to take advantage of the variety of styles that come with it, available at our fingertips. I find the length and silhouette of long cardigans very modern when set in contrast with a fitted outfit. With a short skirt or shorts, the longline cardi is a cheeky way to insert a play of contrasting lengths.

Seen from the back, a maxi cardigan can give the illusion that the wearer is clad in a dress. The surprises that come with sporting a generally long cardi are a visual delight, making it a must-have staple outerwear.

If you’re hunting down for a long cardigan to maximize your layering game, look below for a quick inspo.


6 Long Cardigan Styles To Add To Your Repertoire


Abstract Long Cardigan (Monochrome)


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Beige Long Cardigan


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Colored Abstract Long Cardigan


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Grey Batwing Long Cardigan


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Khaki Knit Long Cardigan


| shop it here


Mustard Ribbed Long Cardigan


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Which long cardigan style do you see yourself wearing? Share below – I’d love to know!

The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone.Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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