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Fashionista NOW: The #Lampshading Street Style Fashion (Instagram) Trend

Credit | Pauline T.

Find out what lampshading is and why the fashion types are raging over it.

I just found out about this so-called trend today and must share because one, it has a bizarre name and two, because I’m envious I can’t wear this here in humid Malaysia. The last bit was all jokes, #tehee.

Popsugar calls it lampshading and no, it doesn’t entail wearing a lampshade on top of your head, because that would be to avant-garde for the street.

Lampshading in the context of fashion

It’s to do with the coupling of an oversized top, tunic or dress with a thigh-high, knee-high or over-the-knee boots. The way that it kind of looks — proportion-wise — like that of a stereotypical lampshade, when you squint your eyes from afar while having your face planted on Instagram. Last bit, my own.

Being that it’s such a faux trend you would have guessed that it took off somewhere from the deep recesses of Instagram (or Popsugar) and the fuel to the fire was the usual suspects by the names of Kendall/Kylie Jenner, or the other Kardashian, Kate Moss, Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, Selena, Ariana Grande who all had a hand in recently wearing the look. They didn’t name the look, though. That’s all Popsugar, says the Daily Mail.

As of now, there are 174 posts on Instagram with #lampshading and I might be getting old but why must it be equated with a particular style of lampshade? Lampshades come in various shapes and I’m pretty sure they don’t like to be lumped into one category where they’re all big on top and narrow down below.

We’re in the first week of 2016 and if you’re one to embrace a cozy look that is slouchy/baggy on top with the chance of wearing nothing else but tall boots where leggings/tights are optional depending on the weather, then, why not do #lampshading, eh?

How To Embrace & Express The Lampshade Silhouette?

| Ruxandra Ioana

| Assitan T.

| Vanessa Pur

| Jane E.

| Sarah D.

| Kristina

Apparently, this look was very sixties. A retro fashion trend that has now been given a life line and a new name. Have you heard of the term lampshading before? Tell me your thoughts down below – I love devouring them and will respond.

“Always be natural. Putting on airs will make a giggle out of you. Be yourself and if you don’t know something say so.”Twiggy

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