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Fashionista NOW: How To Wear The Lace Up Ballerina Flat Shoe Trend?

These lace up ballerina flats are so darn cute but I’m a bum who owns no shoe that has to be manually tied, so, I’m in a pickle.

I’m late on this ballet shoe trend but that is just life. I saw these laced-up ballet flats last year, I think and for some reason they didn’t appeal to me at the time. Blame it on the power of visual repetition – I saw them on various feet of street style bloggers from the moment on and lost count on the number of times they were staring at me and now, in September, I’m finally understanding the lacy appeal factor thing that is with these ballerina flats. These would so be your normal slip-on shoes minus the lace seemingly tied-up like an afterthought but goodness, they’re quite something.

It’s not that I’ve not worn ballet flats before but always they came with a built-in strap or cross-strap (which were chunky) but the new look of the ballet shoe trend now has these romantic dainty laces instead. The only thing that’s making me postpone from buying into this footwear trend is I quite seriously happen to loathe tying the laces of my shoes just so that I can step out. I’m your through-and-through lover of shoes that take the littlest amount of effort to slip on so I can dash. I just don’t know what to do with myself because now that I’m clearly in love with these flats, a question popping: Will I ever just say yes to this laced-up one? This, I’m still contemplating.

Eyeball the looks below to see why I’m in a pickle. These ballerina flats are too darn cute!

Do you love the style of these lace up ballet flats? Which look has you all inspired and ready to get a pair? Share below – I’d love to know!

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