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Fashionista NOW: The Kurung And Kebaya With Pleated Mermaid Skirt Style For Raya 2018

The Kurung And Kebaya With Pleated Mermaid Skirt Style For Raya 2018

Ladies, if you’re into the mermaid life and want to sport something that will exude the semi fish appeal this Raya, then this kurung and kebaya styles must be considered!

When I spotted this kebaya set, the first thing that caught my eyeball was the skirt hem with the signature pleats. This design detail in particular stood out especially on the blue luxe kurung set as the pleated hem was layered and had the look of a fish tail. It was quite a visual statement. If you have love for the color blue rendered in this sweet pastel tone, then perhaps you may want to grab this kurung set before it disappears.

For those into the kebaya for your festive Raya outfit of the day, there are two choices you can make. The brick orange and lilac kebaya sets from Zaimi Zulkafli are worth considering. Minimalistic in the use of a single solid color from top to toe, the only decorations are the detachable bee brooches on the kebaya blouse. The long skirt has front pleats at the end to punctuate your Raya outfit with a distinct mermaid fish tail that is more refrained than the blue kurung one but still does the job.

I hope you will enjoy this baju raya 2018 fashion inspiration!


Brick Orange Mermaid Tail Kebaya


| shop here


Blue Mermaid Tail Kurung


| shop here


Lilac Mermaid Tail Kebaya


| shop here


Which one would you want to wear as your baju raya? Share below – I’d love to know.

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