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Fashionista NOW: A Kawaii Unicorn Jewelry List You Can’t Resist

A Kawaii Unicorn Jewelry List You Can't Resist

Love unicorns? Then here’s a bling list you don’t want to miss.

Unicorns are something else, and you know it. The legendary single spiral-horned creature is a pop culture’s darling favorite and the references to it are about endless.

Lilly Singh, also known as IISuperwomanII on her YouTube channel is obsessed with unicorns, refers to them in casual conversations and even calls her adoring fans, her unicorns. Her international tour, A Trip To Unicorn Island is a place where all good things happen, where joy and happiness ultimately reign and smiles are in abundance.

In this regard, the unicorn, whose presence remains entirely mythical, becomes associated with anything and everything that is special, unique, fun and positive. Coupled with the vibrant rainbow colors, they sure are a potent combo for the acceptance of diversity in the contemporary world.

For rabid unicorn fans who only have mad love unicorn-shaped things, the indie jewelers all around the globe know your fetish and have come up with the kawaii-est unicorn jewelry iterations there are.

Due to be a limitless supply of unicorn bling on the internet, I’ve rounded up 7 of the ultra cute ones that will make you go ooh and aah but not too much that you’ll faint from a cute attack.


Forever A Unicorn Jewelry Must-Have

Kawaii Unicorn Earrings



This awesomely handmade beauty comes in 3 sizes because some people like it big and others, small. A statement earpiece no unicorn can say no to for sure, no matter the size!


Cute Unicorn Stud Earrings


| made by isabellsumbrella ( Oh no! These unicorns have been snagged as of December 22nd, 2015! )

I can’t help but to feel warm and fuzzy when I eyeball these earrings. I love the look of content worn by the ridiculously adorable unicorns, no lie. This makes quite a sweet holiday gift for the unicorn-lover in your life.


Magical Unicorn Earrings


| made by BellaStafford

Like the look of an artistic unicorn? This one has all the details to make you swoon. And on your earlobes, they shall whisper sweet, magical things.


Unicorn Face Earrings


| made by ItsCraftylicious

Sometimes, all you want is to have people stare at unicorn faces decorating your earlobes and this pair of bling is all you need. Love the flowy side-parting on them, don’t you?


Pastel Pink Unicorn Ring


| made by Hoodratroughdiamond

An adjustable unicorn ring to wrap around your finger to remind you of the power of imagination and positivity. Best of all? It’s in cotton-candy pink! Available in blue too, in case you can’t stomach a lonely unicorn ring on your finger.


Wood Unicorn Ring


| made by CutFing

Laser cut and hand-painted, this intricate ring is designed in the spirit of transforming a fantasy or fairy-tale into reality.


Chubby Unicorn Necklace


| made by DorkyDino

The cuteness level of this necklace is pretty high. According to the maker, the chubbiness of this unicorn is due to an overflow of magic and cupcakes! Give this to a friend who loves both and make him/her feel extra special.


Like any unicorn bling you see? Share your favorite(s) down below!

“Unicorn Island is wherever you want it to be, whenever you want it there. It’s a place where it’s okay to be silly, dance in public, laugh out loud and hug strangers. It’s where our imaginations go to play and for that reason, anything is possible on the Island. Hate, ignorance and negativity don’t exist here. I mean, with the Cotton Candy bushes, Skittles Waterfall and Mushroom iPod Speakers, there’s just no room for anything crummy.”Lilly Singh


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