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Fashionista NOW: Are You A Camel Coat Weather Girl?

Credit | ColorBlocker

Outfit ideas with camel coats plus outerwear selection in camel hues you can grab here in Malaysia.

I just found out recently that I’m a real tropical girl. Shocker, not. I’ve been living in Malaysia ever since I was born and I’m used to a certain level of sunshine all day, all year long. So when it started to get really gloomy weeks back that it got dark and broody fast at about 2pm, and the nights became really wet and sad, due to continuous rain that had caused flooding in areas of a low terrain, I had the privilege of being caught up in a first-world-problem situation.

I rant a lot about the weather if you’ve been around and it’s one of the subjects that can quite inspire poetry in me. So, while the heat here isn’t as intense as Dubai’s – I acknowledge that I had a love and hate relationship with the sun. Until a few days ago, that is. Now, I’m so excited whenever it’s sunny in the morning even though I work the graveyard shift and the fact that it’s still sunny and windy in the evening just adds to an overall high energy.

Anyway, the camel-coat appreciation came on the long rainy days when I started to spot them on a few fashion bloggers and had a bit of a crave. But, since we do not have the four seasons here, I’m left to drool over images on fashionistas clad in them mildly brown coat.

Let’s eyeball each one, shall we?

Anna’s grey, white, brown and camel outfit color story is something I’m been keen with lately and her camel coat is a real beauty! I love it.

Long camel coat, worn nonchalantly over a top and skinnies with a peek of ankle. Feet in platform boots. How can you not love this look?

Another long-line camel coat worn in a chic outfit iteration made of white, camel, beige and gold. Adore!

Camel and black. Now, here’s a combo you cannot help but love. The black outfit sets a dark backdrop for the camel to pop. Totes, stylish.

Another camel and black color remix anyone can wear. What’s different is the chic contrast of the camel coat over a turtleneck top and there’s a peek of ankle, before the gorgeous flats begin.

| Vivian L.

Vivian’s a master of minimalist dressing and she continues to delight me with her outfit choices. The way she styles this camel coat is absolutely on point. I also can’t get over her brogues, because I”m such a brogue girl.

Here’s a side snapshot of Marcia in her sporty chic outfit rendition. For some, the camel coat may be a neutral that can get lost easily in the background but based on this look, you can see that when clever contrasting is employed, it stands out!

For the Malaysian fashionistas who might be travelling somewhere nippy overseas or planning to go up mount K.K. or Genting or Cameron Highlands and need some type of outerwear to combat the chill, I highly suggest giving camel coats or jackets a go. Depending on your tolerance for the cold, here’s a list to consider.

Do you have a thing for the camel color trend? Like any of the jackets or looks shown above? Share away below – I’d love to know!

“A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.”Steve Martin

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